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School Portraits

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Available for hire in schools

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Child Portraits that make sense

I'm always going to love those crazy school portraits with the neon backgrounds, BUT they aren't something I'd hang on my wall or put in an album. I believe that if given the option, most parents would want something like what I offer - a clean and elegant photo on a simple background. Something that transcends time and looks stunning on any wall.

I have a pop-up black (and white) background that I'm more than happy to bring to your family or senior session. Near the end of the shoot, I can grab a few simple and timeless portraits of your child. They take minutes and they look beautiful. Perfect for any age, from toddler to senior. Each color image you receive comes with it's black and white copy.

If you would like a new school portrait photographer at your local school, I'm available for hire. Please contact me for more information.