The Marketing Discount

Absolute Privacy and Marketing Discounts

In this day and age I understand that many people prefer privacy, and to keep their pictures off of social media. I've recently decided to make absolute privacy my default for all sessions. This means no photos will be used online, in any way. 

However, it's hard (and maybe impossible) for me to keep my business going without posting recent work, and to frequently update my content. If you are willing to sign a model release that allows me to use your photos for marketing purposes, you get a 20% discount off your session

Partial marketing discounts:

Photos allowed on website (but not social media): 10% off session

Only photos without faces allowed: 5% off session

Photo Privacy FAQ

What privacy measures do you usually take?

Even with permission to use photos, I never use names except possibly with my couples (engagement or wedding), and then only with permission, only first names. I only use the general location of the shoot, if I put one up at all. I only ever share images from your highlight album (you will receive highlights and extra photos). Finally, you are allowed to mark photos private in your gallery, telling me you don't want those particular images shared (up to a certain number of images). 

What if we change our minds? 

Perfectly allowed at any time - HOWEVER, if you'd like money back (meaning you decide it's ok for me to share the images), you must let me know within two weeks of receiving your images. Otherwise I'd be happy to offer a small discount on a future session. If you decide to change to absolute privacy, you will have the pay the difference in the session fee. 

What if I just don't want you sharing our images *yet*?

Especially at this time of year, when pictures might be gifts or surprises, I understand perfectly why you'd want me to wait to share. I have no problem with waiting and your discount still applies completely (it often takes me forever to share images anyway). Just please let me know so I don't make any mistakes! 

Will you tag us on social media?

I would love to, but will only do so if you ask me to!