Katie and Jeff: Engagement


“Listen, okay. The reason I lost that beer pong game was because I was totally distracted. Look at who I was playing against! I couldn’t keep my eyes off her!”

Katie gives me a look with a knowing smile, like, maybe that’s true and maybe I’m just much better at pong than him. I laugh out loud.

Katie, the undeniably lovely woman next to Jeff on this day, did not want to go to the party. “I just wasn’t in the mood”, she told me. But her roommate insisted, so she begrudgingly allowed herself to be pulled along. Before she knew it, she and her roommate were across the table from two guys she didn’t know – one of them was Jeff.

“Hannah, we whooped them. We won by so much.” Katie laughs.

“I told you: I was distracted!” Jeff face is lit up with laughter and love – despite his protests, it’s clear he doesn’t care that he lost that game. In the end, he knows he didn’t lose at all. From the moment he saw her, he was enamored – in the time since, nothing has changed. It is seven years later and Katie is wrapped happily inside his arms. To each of them, this is what really matters.


We met together in Annapolis on a Sunday evening in September. It wasn’t raining anymore and the ground was drying up as a bright, setting sun peeked through silver clouds. The air was warm, the streets bubbling with activity, and Katie and Jeff were comfortable and happy, giggling as they told me their story, full of life and love. They navigated the Annapolis neighborhoods and led me along – this was a place where some of their favorite dates had been.






I LOVED the side of this building. Actually, the entire town has amazing little nooks and backdrops. Katie and Jeff were awesome sports, going along with my every idea and posing placements.

They’re also naturals in front of a camera.


Jeff was right to be distracted during that first meeting – Katie is gorgeous.







My directions sometimes lead to a funny position or too-long-stare that would send Katie into an eruption of laughter.


Which is the best. It’s not about the pose, it’s about the moments.


Jeff is a handsome fella himself, and military man to boot!





Katie and Jeff, I just had a blast on our little Annapolis-engagement-shoot date. Thanks for showing me around, telling me your story, laughing with me, being amazing sports, and telling me all your wedding plans. I LOVED photographing the two of you as it is always such a joy to photograph love as warm as yours.


I cannot wait until your big day. It will be beautiful, I can already tell.


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