Katie and Anthony



It’s mid week in the fall. The sun is setting, the leaves changing color, the air cool. Hagerstown is re-lining the road around City Park and I’m late because of it – how in the world do I get into the lot?! – but Katie and Anthony are completely relaxed. Right off the bat they’re perfect and lovable, totally content with the evening as it is: sun setting, leaves changing, air crisp, beautiful. These two are happy, fun, sweet as can be, and great to talk to. We lapped the park once or twice taking pictures, but I had just as much fun getting to know them.

Katie is a kindergarten teacher, and I immediately placed her into my mind’s Hero category. Then Anthony tells me he’s a nurse. As I place him into the same category, I am simultaneously gasping at their combined, virtuous aura. What an amazing couple! I feel like a better person just standing near them.

Before they became teacher and nurse, though, Katie and Anthony were high school students that fell in love. They’ve been together since they were sophomores.


“I just never got tired of him!” Katie laughs.


Anthony proposed in the same spot he asked Katie to prom, in front of their church. This is such a sweet and thoughtful way to tie the past to the present. Katie said she was completely surprised – and what was just as awesome were all the parties he’d planned for them in the days after :)

These two are such an adorable couple; clearly in love and very happy.  Their photos were a blast to take and I’m excited to show some off. To get to know them better, I asked Katie and Anthony a few fun questions and will be sharing their answers along with the pictures :)


What are your favorite snacks?

Katie: Ice cream, hummus and chips

Anthony: pretty much anything with peanut butter on it or in it


Your favorite TV shows?

Katie: Friends, Arrow, The Bachelor, Castle, Nashville, The Voice

Anthony: I only watch the voice, Arrow and what Katie wants to watch




Your favorite movies?

Katie: I’m a TV show girl.

Anthony: I am a nerd so let’s start with the Star Wars trilogies, Lord of the Rings, the Fast series, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and some cult classics



Your favorite places to visit?

Katie: the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, the beach

Anthony: high rock, Appalachian trail, downtown Frederick, Greencastle and Shepherdstown



How do you most like to spend your spare time?

Katie: I like to be outside doing something active or hanging out with friends and family

Anthony: I like to fiddle with my car, workout and enjoy quality time with family and friends




What do you like most about each other?

Katie: He’s funny, he’s a good listener, he can always make me feel happy and special, and he’s thoughtful.

Anthony: I love how Katie is positive, upbeat, kind, and goofy like me.



What are some favorite memories you have with each other?

Katie: IUP freshman year, anniversary getaways, high school days, and the Germany trip


Anthony: Our whole journey is just a beautiful memory that I like to visit, but I will say our recent visit to Europe was one of my favorites, after staying in this really small fortified old town in Bavaria called Schwangau we got up and drove on this beautiful road in the alps with beautiful Bavarian country side and at the end of our drive was Neuschwanstein.

[Did I mention Anthony is German? Because awesome.]


What are some things you love to do together?

Katie: driving in the bimmer during summertime listening to music, watching the Ravens win, doing new things!


Anthony: I can literally do nothing with her and it is a great time, I love just being around her.


Finally, what are you most looking forward to in your future together?

Katie: Being with him everyday.


Anthony: I am looking forward to seeing my best friend everyday and just enjoying life to its fullest potential with her.


Katie and Anthony, you guys are incredible. I had so much fun on this shoot with you.  It’s absolutely clear how much you care for each other and that kind of love is my favorite thing to photograph. I truly can’t wait for your wedding day – even if there isn’t a choreographed dance with some awesome jumps and lifts :D


You both rock <3


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  1. MaryAnn Grandmom Clark says

    Every picture is adorable and transmits your great love for one another, May the next few months of planning bring you both to the full potential of all your dreams and increase the love and respect you have for for one another.