Chris is going to be a father


I’ve told you about my husband, my best friend and favorite person. In that post I tried explain how goofy he can be, a character trait I get to see everyday but sometimes still takes others by surprise (like my cousins at the hotel in Chattanooga – right, guys?). I also mentioned his affinity for punny jokes, something I think he gets from his dad.

Well, it’s his goofy and punny nature that has always made me think he should be a dad. His puns have LONG since crossed over into dad-joke territory and I can’t help but constantly picture how perfect he’d be goofing around with some offspring.

Well… the time has finally come.

2016-09-30_0001We’re having a daughter in three months. I entered my final trimester today and when I realized it this morning, I nearly cried. It’s happening. 

If you follow me on facebook or instagram you already know about it – I announced it similarly with a picture of Chris – but I just wanted to share a few more pictures of this guy holding the onesie he picked out. We’re kind of against buying her baby clothes right now because it’s likely that we’ll end up with more than enough from friends and family, but before that happened I wanted to go out with him and pick one thing each. This was his pick and I love it, so I forced him to pose for a couple pictures.

And of course he felt awkward at first but then became himself immediately after.


2016-09-30_0004Roux doesn’t like when we do photoshoots, she doesn’t get what we’re doing. I could say something whimsical like “you can tell she knows that change is afoot” but she doesn’t, guys, she’s a silly dog. She thinks Chris is holding up a toy that she can rip apart.

2016-09-30_0002Probably because we sometimes hold up and take “before” photos of her new toys before she can rip them apart. Ha! *…oh jeez I hope she will know my baby is a human not a toy*

Anyway, this is the moment I loved most:



2016-09-30_0007My goodness I can’t wait to see him holding her for the first time.

But I don’t want to think about it too much right now because I will start crying.

Love you all!



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