Baltimore wedding: Christa and Andrew

Lots of  lovely sun. Water views. Spinning in dresses. Endless laughter. Hugs and high fives. Lively family members. Joyful dancing, Colorful sunglasses and hats. Bubbles. Beanie babies and dance trophies. A candy bin. A conga line that went on for days. Colorful, happy people. One gorgeous bride, one handsome groom, and plenty of love. ... Read More

Walkersville Wedding: Mallory and Andrew

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  Before I write a wedding post, I pull out a notepad and jot down a bulleted list of all the things about the wedding that made me smile, that were unique, and that made the wedding what it was. Today at my desk I began writing down my list for Mal and Andrew, each bullet a moment or memory representing this couple and their day. One bullet followed another, and then another, and then ... Read More

Hagerstown and Thurmont Wedding – Natalie and Nick

  A few minutes had passed since Natalie had disappeared into the changing room with her mother and sisters. I waited in the next room with the other bridesmaids, talking quietly. Natalie had probably just finished putting on her dress and was modeling it for her family when all of us heard her yell out, "LESLIE MARIE!" (Her sister's name). A second of silence and then "....ya big ... Read More

Washington DC Wedding – Katie and Nate

Katie and Nate are the kind of couple you want in your group of friends - the minute you meet them, you know it. My favorite and perhaps first memory of them was celebrating Halloween together in downtown Frederick. Katie and Nate arrived to the party in THE BEST couples Halloween costume I'd ever seen. Nate was dressed as a slice of pizza and Katie a pretzel. If you were a resident or frequent ... Read More