Eliza’s First Month: January 2017


We're at the end of 2017, which means my baby is about to turn one. This is bizarre to me. I look at my child, waddling around (walking!), never sitting still, acutely aware of everything going on, trying to speak to us, taking the snacks we hand her directly to our dog... and I think, has it really only been a year? But also, has it already been an entire year? It's been a year. And despite my ... Read More

Hagerstown Wedding: Megan and Nate

As I stated a few blog posts ago, I'm trying to have a more active blog and get up some of the shoots and weddings I may have missed in the past couple years. Since it's November (I love November!), I thought I'd add a November wedding to the blog that was lovely and sweet. These two fit together like two pieces of one awesome whole, and I truly think it shows. Here are just a few of the photos ... Read More