Eliza’s Fourth Month: April, 2017


Ah, the fourth month. A lot of people said to me that after three months, everything gets better. For me, it was sort of true. My anxiety peaked this month, and the beginning felt not that much different than the months before. But the days began to warm and Eliza's smiles came quicker and easier, her laughs came stronger and louder, and by the end of the month I realized that somewhere along ... Read More

Eliza’s Third Month


March, 2017. This was the month I finally started to feel more like myself. It was the month Eliza laughed for the first time and I cried when I heard it - it's cliche, but it actually is the most beautiful sound you will ever hear. Chris went to China for school in March and I spent a week at home with a newborn on my own - a challenge for certain, but Eliza was perfect for me that week and it ... Read More

Eliza’s Second Month


February! It was cold and we stayed inside most of the time, huddled together in one room, a family fighting the dark, short days, searching for the day as it should be. It took me a long time (months) to realize the hard part was over, and in the second month I still felt a lot like I did the first. Eliza slowly changed, though, which was (and remains to be) the most fascinating thing I have ... Read More

Exploring Headphones

Apparently I left my headphones in a place Eliza could get to them. A better parent probably would've taken them from her instead of grabbing a camera? Oh well, she was supervised! haha, gross. https://youtu.be/cJPHQBZgkJA I took them from her after this vid, guys. There's only so much drool all over my ear pieces that I'll tolerate. <3, hg ... Read More