H Family Photos in the Spring – Frederick, Maryland


{Note: Since learning I was pregnant (18 months ago), having a baby (almost 10 months ago), and learning to become a mom (farewell, free time!), my website and blog have been put on the very back burner. But I did not stop my business! I hope to change my internet dormancy and bring my site back to life! So some older shoots, sessions and weddings will be going up in addition to new ... Read More

Baby B at One Month


Before somebody books an infant shoot with me, the first thing they usually ask is whether or not I do them. YES! Of course I do, and I LOVE photographing babies! I realize that I need to share this part of my business a little bit more. The second thing they might ask is if their baby is too old. It seems odd to think of a three-week-old baby as "too old", but many moms and dads might be aware ... Read More

Finch is 6 months


Oh my gosh oh my gosh. Babies. Amirite? How I do love a baby-session. Our awesome friends decided to have a baby last year because they're awesome. They had a little boy in March - born on Chris's birthday - which was awesome! Even more awesome than all this awesome, though, is baby Finch himself. Finch is adorable, happy, and too cute for words. This is the kind of baby that has ... Read More

Collin and Lily try to get Evy to laugh

Everett is our newest (and cutest!) addition to the family. He's my cousin's son. Everett's cousins, Collin and Lily, are super adorable as big cousins. Collin told us he was a master at getting Evy to laugh and quickly proceeded to demonstrate his skill. Lily soon joined in on the fun. ... Read More