An October Engagement Session – Megan and Nate – Hagerstown


"Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you." - Loretta Young I came across Megan and Nate's engagement photos while organizing last year's photos and realized I hadn't blogged this awesome couple. Their one year anniversary is days away (those photos need to be blogged too!) and in honor of that and them, I would love to share this session! These fall photos were taken ... Read More

Katie and Anthony


  It's mid week in the fall. The sun is setting, the leaves changing color, the air cool. Hagerstown is re-lining the road around City Park and I'm late because of it - how in the world do I get into the lot?! - but Katie and Anthony are completely relaxed. Right off the bat they're perfect and lovable, totally content with the evening as it is: sun setting, leaves changing, air crisp, ... Read More

Katie and Jeff: Engagement


"Listen, okay. The reason I lost that beer pong game was because I was totally distracted. Look at who I was playing against! I couldn't keep my eyes off her!" Katie gives me a look with a knowing smile, like, maybe that's true and maybe I'm just much better at pong than him. I laugh out loud. Katie, the undeniably lovely woman next to Jeff on this day, did not want to go to the party. "I ... Read More