Fall Farm with Eliza


Fall markets, festivals, and farms are so much fun and as it turns out, they're even more fun with your child(ren - we only have one but I assume it continues to be fun in the plural). We actually went to this market on a Saturday first and discovered that an completely packed, wait-in-line-for-45-minutes-to-do-anything market is actually not fun, especially not with a restless child who has ... Read More

That Time I Told My Parents


I'm 40 weeks pregnant today. In other words, today is my due date. And if you ask me how I'm feeling, the answer would be "still pregnant". Because there isn't much else to it than that. Uncomfortable, hungry, tired, very emotional (more than once this week I have wondered if it was possible to become dehydrated from crying), stressed, overwhelmed, and bored. But mostly, I'm fine. Normal, ... Read More

Baby B at One Month


Before somebody books an infant shoot with me, the first thing they usually ask is whether or not I do them. YES! Of course I do, and I LOVE photographing babies! I realize that I need to share this part of my business a little bit more. The second thing they might ask is if their baby is too old. It seems odd to think of a three-week-old baby as "too old", but many moms and dads might be aware ... Read More

Chris is going to be a father


I've told you about my husband, my best friend and favorite person. In that post I tried explain how goofy he can be, a character trait I get to see everyday but sometimes still takes others by surprise (like my cousins at the hotel in Chattanooga - right, guys?). I also mentioned his affinity for punny jokes, something I think he gets from his dad. Well, it's his goofy and punny nature that ... Read More