Baltimore wedding: Christa and Andrew

Lots of  lovely sun. Water views. Spinning in dresses. Endless laughter. Hugs and high fives. Lively family members. Joyful dancing, Colorful sunglasses and hats. Bubbles. Beanie babies and dance trophies. A candy bin. A conga line that went on for days. Colorful, happy people. One gorgeous bride, one handsome groom, and plenty of love.


These are the things I think of when I think of this wedding. Andrew and Christa got married on the water just outside of Baltimore. The girls laughed and joked as they got ready in a large, sunny room overlooking the venue. They peeked out of the windows as guests started to arrive, eager to see how everyone looked. The boys made their way from the hotel by Camden yards, pausing briefly for some sweet photos at the Orioles stadium entrance.

Before the ceremony, Andrew stood on the venue porch watching the water with an expectant smile. Christa opened the door behind him, called “Yoohoo!”, and laughed as she stepped toward her very-soon-to-be-husband.  Andrew was smiling ear to ear even before the tap on his shoulder spun him around. “You look so beautiful!” He exclaimed. That huge smile was on his face from that moment on – I literally never once saw him without it.

This wedding was gorgeous, had lovely views, and was packed with awesome, good-looking people. Laughter was a constant and high spirits were everywhere. We were so glad to be there documenting these moments.



These next few I should explain. Christa’s hilarious mom gave a kind and loving speech, but in the beginning requested something serious of Christa: “Do you think maybe now you could get all your old dance trophies and beanie babies out of my house?”

Christa put her head down in shame:2015-09-12_0045 And in that very moment her little brother snuck up behind her and slammed a dance trophy onto her table, with beanie babies strung all around it. The room erupted.


And the scene was set for a fun and festive night.



Christa and Andrew, thank you so much for letting us be with you on your day. Christa, you were a stunner – you looked as beautiful as beautiful can be and your happy, care-free attitude was a blast to be near. Andrew, you break into laughter so easily and it is so awesome! Do you ever look bad in a picture? I love the two of you together, you make a perfect pair. I hope your days are always awesome, your years are warm and lovely, and your home always sports a beanie baby, somewhere on a shelf. So much love – and I hope to catch you guys at an O’s game soon! ;)



Our amazing vendors for the evening include:

Venue: Eastern Yacht Club is beautiful
Catering: Eastern Yacht Club provided delicious food
Makeup: Something Blu made each girl look gorgeous
Music: Bachelor Boys Band were so good
Florist: Violets Florist did a beautiful job
Baker: Barbara Shuman-Schmidt made a lovely cake and some cupcake trees that gave me the urge to steal them all and run, run like the wind! (Everything looked very delicious)
Coordinator: Sharon Winterling was a wonderful, calm and fun coordinator and officiant!



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