Baby B at One Month


Before somebody books an infant shoot with me, the first thing they usually ask is whether or not I do them. YES! Of course I do, and I LOVE photographing babies! I realize that I need to share this part of my business a little bit more.

The second thing they might ask is if their baby is too old. It seems odd to think of a three-week-old baby as “too old”, but many moms and dads might be aware that infants are best photographed at two weeks of age or younger. This is when they’re sleepiest and most compliant. However, nobody is too old to be photographed! I’ve photographed many infants after the two-week mark and every one of those shoots has turned out fine. We might not be able to put the baby into as many poses and he might be wide awake for some of the photos, but that doesn’t mean the photos will be bad by any means at all.

Baby B was one month when I photographed him and I simply loved it. He was born in the beginning of the year to one of my favorite families. He has beautiful blue eyes and yes, was awake for many of the photos, but was still an amazing subject. He would stare, with those lovely eyes, directly into my camera! I was so happy to be his photographer and I wanted to share some of the photos from this sweet little shoot!





His mom would sooth him in-between shots, trying to lure him to sleep. I love this candid moment of him looking right at her:



I think paci shots are cute :)


Baby B has a super cute and sweet big brother:




As a fellow mama to a fur-baby, this moment just melted me.


Love this family so!

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