Hi! I’m Hannah of Hannah Gunnell Photography. I’m based in Baltimore, MD.

(…this was not in Baltimore)

Taking photos is my passion. I am and (as far as I can remember) have always been obsessed with the hobby. As a teenager, my father gave me my first SLR and taught me how to develop film. As I sat in the darkroom, listening to the water run over my images, I knew I was hooked for life. Even if my darkroom is now located on my computer – this is it for me. I will never give this up.

There are few things that please me more than capturing the raw emotion of a genuine moment. At our sessions I happily take posed pictures, but I highly encourage candidness. I want the photos I give you to be as real as possible and I promise I will always try my best to make them that way.

I want to capture the best of your moments and hand them to you for you to keep forever. Doing this is what makes my heart beat and sing, it’s what gives me joy, it’s what brightens my every days.  I’d be elated if you let me do it for you!

Some other random Hannah-facts:

Gunnell is my middle name.

I speak German (and taught high school for five years).

I drive a red Prius.

I have three brothers!

I snowboard, play the piano, and love to read and write.

I can juggle. Well.

I’m married to the love of my life, Chris: