Eliza’s Third Month


March, 2017.

This was the month I finally started to feel more like myself. It was the month Eliza laughed for the first time and I cried when I heard it – it’s cliche, but it actually is the most beautiful sound you will ever hear. Chris went to China for school in March and I spent a week at home with a newborn on my own – a challenge for certain, but Eliza was perfect for me that week and it went better than expected.

Eliza changed in two major ways this month: she began to chill out and she woke up. No more napping the entire day (in fact she really started to nap very little) and a lot less crying when not being held or swung. I could put her on my lap and sit for a while without her getting angry and she was even okay on her mat for some time by herself.

Of course, Eliza hated immobility and hated her back almost as much as her belly. She didn’t then and still does not like to lay down unless sleeping. It wasn’t until she learned to sit up three months later that she really got happy, but it was nice to see her settle down a bit.

Other notes (because I apparently didn’t make a list this month) – the drooling started. I thought it would never end, but she was only a drooler until about her fifth or sixth month. She began sucking on her hands. And she began to talk, or “talk”, and listening to her was incredibly entertaining.

I was hands on this month and barely took any photos on my big camera, so I included a phone-photos gallery at the end of the post.







Monday, March 27:

I turned off the light and she woke up and immediately started crying and all I could think was how adorable it was, all of it: the sound of her cry, her little eyes in the dark, looking around, her mouth curved down in sadness, the way she shakes her head when latching onto a paci. She’s so adorable. My heart breaks it’s so overwhelmed with love.

Tuesday, March 28:

My poor child must be having a growth spurt or something. She slept eleven hours last night. *Eleven*. I woke up at 12:15 PM to chris setting a small bowl of fruit onto my nightstand, looked over and she was still fast asleep. I hadn’t fallen asleep until quite late, maybe 4 or so. I’d just been awake, not tired enough.

Anyway she had a grumpy and sleepy day. One of those days where she literally wouldn’t let me put her down. I always wonder if I’m imagining that, but it seemed incredibly so today. I really wanted to get pictures of her for her 3 months but didn’t because she would start wailing every time I put her on the ground. So that was a no go, although I did get a couple pictures of her crying.

I’m trying to help her along with her hand-eye coordination, though of course first she has to figure out that her hands are a thing she controls and can use. So maybe that’s what I’m trying to help her with. I stick my hand in front of her or a small toy and help her grab it. She doesn’t really know what she’s doing. I really want her to, though. She brought my hand to her mouth but really I think she was just bringing her hand to her mouth, which happened to be holding mine. She sucks on her hands a lot.

She’s so freaking cute. Everything about her is adorable. I wish I could bottle this up and keep it forever, come back to it years down the road when she’s grown up.

She drools like crazy. Like *crazy*.

Her voice has become my most favorite sound. I love when she talks, more than anything. It’s so sweet and adorable. I wish she wouldn’t stop. Some days she goes on and on, others barely at all. Today she didn’t say much. She talks more when she’s less grumpy. I’m hoping that if this is a spurt it’s quick and done so that I can have my happy baby back as soon as possible.

















Phone photos:

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